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Romero Tile and Marble Installations: Different Types of Showers Services

Tile showers can be a great addition to any bathroom. They offer a number of benefits, including looking beautiful and feeling luxurious. The Tile Showers Services page on the Romero Tile and MarbleInstallations website is designed to help you learn more about what these services entail so that you can decide if they’re right for your home.

Shower Tile Installation in Miami, FL

Shower tile installation in Miami, FL is something that Romero Tile and Marble Installations has been doing for a long time. We’re experts at what we do and are happy to help you with all your needs when it comes to shower tiles.

Whether you need new tiles installed or want to re-surface the ones on your walls, our professionals will be able to help you out. We’re available at your convenience and offer an onsite visit for a quote so that there are no surprises.

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Shower Tile Services

When you speak to Romero Tile and Marble Installations, you’re going to get a straight answer about shower tile services. We’ve seen it all and know how to make things work in any situation.

We offer free quotes for our installations so that the cost of your project isn’t something you need to worry about at this point in time. All we ask is that you call and set up an appointment with us. We work on weekends too so no matter when your need for a shower tile installation arises, we’re ready to help out!

Particularly, we offer:

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Our Shower Tile Services


Shower Floors

If there's one thing we're experts on, it has to be shower floors. We know how important they are and will always give you the best product for your needs! Whether you want something traditional or a little bit more modern, we'll make sure that everything is done right so that your bathroom looks great with our help.

It's important to know that we offer both tile shower floors and acrylic, so we have an option for any type of bathroom that you might have. Whether you need us to install a new floor or replace your old one, we're ready to help!


Shower Surrounds

We provide a variety of different shower surround options when you need them. Whether you have a tub or just want to upgrade your bathroom, we're here to help!

Our acrylic surrounds are the best on the market and available in an array of colors so that they match any type of bathroom decor. If tile is more what you're after, we have a variety of different colors and styles to choose from. Whatever you're looking for, we will find it!

We also offer free estimates on all our shower surround options so that you know what the cost is up-front before any work begins. It's important when considering something like this to make sure that your budget can afford them because it's an investment that will last a lifetime.


Walk-in Shower Tile Options

In a walk-in shower, the tile options are endless! A few of our most popular choices include:

  • Aqua Tile - turquoise accents with white to provide an airy feel. Aqua is one of Romero's best sellers for this type of installation in Texas.
  • Marble Mosaic - dark gray and black marble tiles with white accents. This type of installation has a masculine feel to it and we've found that this is popular for our male customers in Texas.
  • Stone Mosaic - light gray, dark gray, and off-black stone mosaics make up the exterior while the interior is finished in either white or cream marble as an accent.
  • Gray and White Stone - a light gray stone exterior with white accents on the interior, this type of installation is also very popular in Texas.
The different types of showers can be tiled to match your taste or preference! For example, if you want a bathroom that has high-end aesthetics but without spending too much money, marble or stone mosaics are a great option.


Decorative Show Tile

Decorative show tile is an option for people who want to add a decorative and fun element to their bathroom. This type of installation provides you with the opportunity to choose from many different colors, styles, textures, and shapes without having them blend in too much with your other tiles. When it comes time for cleaning, these shower installations often have less grout and are easier to clean.

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Ultimately, there is not one installation type that best suits everyone’s needs as a Romero Tile and Marble Installations customer because all of the installations have their own benefits. We will work with you until we find something perfect for your home or business!